Interesting Fact (MM #2347)

As a way to break the ice in meetings, my wife’s company will ask them to share an interesting fact about themselves. For some, that’s an easy thing to do. Of course many would say that would be easy for me to do. But all things considered, I truly can’t think of one interesting fact […]

Tiny Homes (MM #1866)

Have you heard about one of the hottest new trends in living? They’re called tiny homes. And basically it’s an entire house in under 500 square feet. Of course these things are all over television right now as designers should how how to make them special. Really, these things have been around forever. Us old-timers […]

Building McMansions (MM #1646)

Yesterday on the podcast we were talking about Nashville and it’s status as an IT city. (Click HERE To Listen) One of the interesting things that seems to come along that status is the fact that many builders have begun building McMansions. And that really hit home for me… Podcast: Play in new window | […]