Faded Memories (MM #2226)

There comes a point in life when we realize that we don’t all share the same memories. But I don’t know if we can ever prepare for faded memories. Faded memories are things that you thought everyone of a similar age knew, but don’t…

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Abandoned (MM #2225)

I’ve been watching a TV series on Viceland. In the documentary show, Abandoned they travel North America exploring forgotten places. It’s a sad look at parts of our cities that we’ve forgotten. In one episode the host made a statement that just blew me away…


The Fog (MM #2224)

Yesterday was another day under the weather. I call these sinus attacks the fog.  The fog comes on and there’s really no advance warning. I usually wake up with one of these sinus attacks and just have to ride it out for a day or two.  And that’s never easy…