Exhausted (MM #1922)

For some reason I’ve been feeling exhausted lately. I’m not sure why that is. I’m getting my normal amount of sleep, but I’m not sleeping well. Perhaps it’s the weather or maybe even old age catching up with me…

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Bluegrass Music (MM #1921)

I’ve never been a big fan of bluegrass music. It’s one of the few forms of music I simply don’t appreciate. But even I appreciated the gifts of Ralph Stanley. The bluegrass icon passed away Thursday at the age of 89. And through my career I was fortunate enough to be in his presence a few times…


Suspicious Activity (MM #1920)

I’m sure that you’ve run into a situation like the one I encountered recently. I got a message that there was suspicious activity on my Gmail account. So, I needed to change my password. That’s no problem, but what they wouldn’t tell me, is what the suspicious activity was…