No Change (MM #1889)

Sometimes it’s the little things that bring you joy. The other day I went to the eye doctor and they told me there would be no change in my prescription this year. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but as you get older, you actually get excited about news like that…


Do Me A Favor (MM #1888)

There’s one phrase that my father can say to me or even write to me in a letter, and it always makes me shudder. That phrase is; can you do me a favor. Fortunately it’s never a bad thing, and it’s always going to be something odd. Like just the other day…

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Broken Chips (MM #1887)

I don’t know many people who don’t love potato chips. But I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who likes broken chips. Technically they’re the same thing, but we all know that they’re not. I would think at this point there would be some sort of technology to take care of it…

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