Cajun Food (MM #1950)

I love Cajun food. I can’t remember the first time I tried it, but I know it was love at first bite. It’s one of the reasons I fight the battle of the bulge. It’s usually my go to meal for my birthday, but this year after spending a few days in New Orleans I will need to come up with a new birthday menu…


Old Briefcase (MM #1949)

Do men ever carry briefcases anymore? I found my old briefcase the other day and it still had some paperwork inside. I don’t think I’ve used it for 15 years. Once I got an office at work I didn’t have the same need for a briefcase anymore. Have briefcases simply become relics of the past?

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Dangerous (MM #1948)

I doubt that anyone has every considered me a bad boy. Dangerous is definitely not my middle name. I’m on the road hanging with a friend in New Orleans. Most spouses would be concerned what trouble their husbands could get into, but not mine! It must have something to do with the fact that I’m not very dangerous… anymore